Selling Scrap Gold Coins

Selling scrap gold and precious metals is an essential area of the gold
market and is dependent principally upon economic conditions and the patterns of
the gold price. Remember that the gold scrap supply commonly increases in
periods of financial stress or after a gold price rise. The actual price of
scrap gold will differ on a day to day basis. When the price of gold goes up,
the additional value of scrap gold will increase as well.

It’s very easy to get an excellent scrap gold price for your sovereigns, old
gold coins or excess gold jewellery. Gold is practically indestructible
therefore, unless of course it has been lost, most of the gold ever mined still
exists today. Using the proper tools, it is extremely simple to retrieve gold
from even the most intricate items allowing it to generally be melted down,
re-refined and recycled.

How To Sell Scrap Gold

When selling scrap gold it is vital that you first determine what the present
gold spot price is. If you don’t have the spot price to hand it can be found at
the top of our sovereigns news page.

In cases where you’re selling gold sovereigns it really is well worth having
a gold coin dealer value them first since even badly worn sovereigns will most
likely be worth more than the gold scrap price.

Make certain you find a reliable dealer to trade your scrap gold with. There
are many available at the moment and many of them are going to pay you around 15
to 20% under the present market value of gold. You will find there’s a penalty
for selling your gold for a scrap price. Typically the dealer needs to process
the scrap gold people sell him and needs to produce some profit from the deal as

When you’ve got a dealer near to your home it’s just a matter of taking your
gold items along and obtaining a scrap price for them. When there is nobody
suitable nearby you will need to post your scrap gold away to get a estimate.
These days there are plenty of respectable merchants who’ll do this for you and
typically will send a padded envelope to place the gold items in. Make sure you
send the envelope using a recorded delivery service and make sure you are

Typically as soon as the dealer has examined the scrap gold you sent, you’ll
receive a telephone call or e-mail to discuss the value and price they are
willing to purchase your gold for. Should you be satisfied with the price,
they’ll just send out a check payment. In case you are not happy with the amount
proposed they’ll return the gold to you.