Proof Sovereign Coins

Proof sovereign coins have been made to the highest standard. Modern proof
coins are produced using the most up to date technology as well as incorporating
years old handed down skills. Proof gold sovereigns dies are specially produced
to a much higher standard, which is exceptionally important to pick out the
minute artist’s details in the design. These highly perfected dies are created
with the greatest of care and attention. Many hours are taken sand blasting and
hand polishing them to a mirror finish. A job that takes great talent and

  The gold blanks used to produce proof coins have to be of
the very highest standard, free from any indents or marks. They are
first polished to a brilliant shine before been individually struck at
least three times under considerable pressure between the high quality
dies to produce the mirror like finish.
After the minting process is complete proof sovereign
coins are thoroughly examined for any defects, blemishes or
imperfections before finally been placed in protective capsules and
excepted for sale. These high levels of inspection means that only the
finest of specimens ever reach the market place.

The most common understanding of proof is that the flat background of the
coins have a highly polished mirror like finish, were as the raised parts
of the design have a matt finish. Proof sovereigns make ideal gifts due to the
extra fine finish and normally come in gift box sets.

Buying coins at auction will give you a good idea of how the market is moving
and what price gold coins are trading at in the private sector. You will also be
able to see what sort of mark-up dealers are adding to the coins they are
selling. Gold coins will almost always hold their value and so as a short or
long term investment and against inflation there is no better bet.