Sovereign Coin Prices

This chart shows what the gold content alone is worth in full and half sovereigns
based on varying spot prices. This figure is only an approximate price of the
gold content. This information could be used to calculate the scrap value of a
coin, or work out what premiums are been added to sovereigns compared for
instance to bullion bars.

Prices of sovereigns gold content

Gold Sovereign Prices

Finding the best sovereign prices on the high street or internet is now
easier than ever. By using our sovereigns value guide and cross referencing everything, you will yield much better prices.

Is it worthwhile to try purchasing sovereign coins on eBay? For those
who have had some experience using eBay, you will know how good the prices can
be, although with coins, don’t expect to get seriously good discounts since
the seller will still be working with spot price as well as market value which
can’t be negotiated down too much.

You need to be careful and ensure the seller has a extremely high feedback
rating. Also look beyond the feedback quantity and check into the feedback
rating itself. Try to find one above 98% or even better. If the seller has had
any negative feedback then make sure it wasn’t for anything that may start alarm
bells ringing. Additionally, look for power sellers and top rated sellers as
this illustrates they have earned a track record of excellent service. As well
as sovereigns been sold at Buy It Now prices search for sovereigns being
auctioned with a no reserve start price, allowing you to bid up to
your own limit which may well mean you get yourself a great deal.

Searching for the cheapest sovereign prices on eBay is now a much more
enjoyable and far safer experience than ever before. As long as you use PayPal
to purchase your items you will be protected with eBay Buyer Protection. This
ensures that if you don’t receive the goods or your item is not as described
eBay will step in and arrange for a full refund including the original postage

Listed below are some of the best prices we have been able to find this week.
Last updated: September 2014