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Current factors effecting gold prices

There are a lot of factors that can effect the price of gold and this will of
course effect the value of Gold Sovereigns. Each week we will be looking at some
of the news stories and world events that drive the gold market.

Prince Philip’s 90th birthday Coins

Prince Philip’s 90th birthday celebration this year offers a excellent
opportunity for the Royal Mint to honor him with a  £5 coin available in
Cupro-nickel, Silver proof and Piedfort, Gold proof and Platinum proof.

Fiat Money Has Cancer

Mike Maloney make a great case for buying gold sovereigns and gold bullion by
describing the reason why he is convinced the dollar is condemned and as a
result all world fiat money systems will also fail.

Gold To Silver Ratio

When we look at the gold to silver ratio, silver has a big problem compared
to gold temporarily at least. It hasn’t had this problem historically but it
has had this problem for roughly 140 years now.

Gold Price Stays Positive

Regardless of last weeks price decline gold is still one of the few
assets that have stayed positive this year.

2010 Proof Sovereign Set

The new 2010 Proof Gold Sovereigns set has now been issued by the Royal Mint.
It comes as a three coin box set.

Buying Gold Or Silver

One of the most common questions people ask is what percent of silver and
what percent of gold should I be buying as an investment and as a safe guard
against inflation.

Investing In Stocks And Gold Sovereigns

Taking a look as to why it’s a better time than ever to invest in gold
stocks and Sovereigns.

Gold News April 12th 2010

This week: Greece near bankruptcy bail out by neighbours.
Gold mine tunnel collapse.