Gulf War Sovereign Coin Set

As the Sovereign is one of the best recognised gold coins worldwide. It comes
as no surprise that during war time serviceman are given gold sovereigns to
carry with them. If they were to get captured behind enemy lines they will have
something with the power of gold to bargain with and hopefully get themselves
out of trouble.

During the Gulf War the Ministry of Defence issued British military personnel
with a number of gold sovereigns to carry with them. Several sovereigns were
carried during the conflict particularly used by the Royal Air Force due to the
high risk of crews been shot down behind enemy lines and getting confronted by
enemy forces.

All the unused coins have of course now been returned to the Ministry of
Defence which has lead to the release of the Behind Enemy Lines Gulf War
Box Set
. The set which is very collectable is minted by The Royal Mint
includes a 1958 genuine solid 22k full Sovereign as well as two replica gulf