Victoria Full Sovereigns

Queen Victoria reign lasted 63 years, the longest serving British monarch
before or since and the longest ever serving female monarch in history. Victoria
was born 24 May 1819 and began her reign on 20 June 1837 aged just 18. During
her long reign three different portraits appeared on the sovereign coins. These
have become known as the young head, the jubilee head and finally the old head.

Victoria Gold Sovereigns Young Head (1837-1887)

The first full Victoria Sovereigns known as the young head were produced when
she first took to the throne in 1837. There are in fact two versions of the
young head sovereigns. The first was minted between 1838-1887 and is commonly
known as a shield due to the crowned shield on the reverse.

The second Victoria young head was minted between 1871-1887 when the shield
was replaced with St. George and the Dragon. Also the date was now moved from
the front of the coin to the reverse side. there were also some other small
changes including a mint mark added just below the neck.

Wear can commonly be found to the higher areas of these Sovereigns including
the lettering, Victoria’s head, the shield or St. George also have a tendency to
show signs of wear. You will also probably find dents and scratches common to
circulated coins of this age.

Victoria Gold Sovereigns Jubilee Head (1887-1893)

To celebrate Victoria’s 50th Jubilee year an updated new portrait was
commissioned to illustrate a better likeness to the queen. The portrait
was done by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm and received a lot of criticism as it
appeared to make the queen look bad tempered or angry. Victoria is
wearing a small crown and veil and the initials J.E.B. can be found at
the bottom of the head.The Full Jubilee Sovereign was produced for six
years and only ever had the St. George reverse. However the design of
the St. George was changed in 1891 giving the horse a slightly longer
tail and a ribbon behind St. Georges head.

Victoria Gold Sovereigns Old Head (1893- 1901)

The portrait for the Victoria old head full sovereign was that of Sir Thomas
Brock and was minted from 1893. This design showed a more mature Victoria
wearing a crown and veil with the ribbon and star of the Garter. This Sovereign
was produced for nine years and again only ever had the St. George reverse. The
wording was changed to include IND:IMP, Victoria’s new title of Empress of
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