Elizabeth II Full Sovereigns

Queen Elizabeth II Gold Sovereigns are already distributed in a number of distinct designs since her reign commenced in 1952. Five distinctive portraits have already been used for the obverse face to demonstrate her appearance as time passes. Aside from the 1989 Queen Elizabeth II sovereign and also the 2002 gold sovereign, the reverse face has always exhibited the unforgettable fight involving St. George and the Dragon. The earliest released Queen Elizabeth II sovereigns showing her pre-decimal portrait, had been struck as a proof in 1953, however it ended up never been issued for the public. Queen Elizabeth II Gold Sovereign

Elizabeth II Sovereigns 1st Portrait Despite the fact that Queen Elizabeth II had been crowned in 1953 and sovereigns had been struck on her behalf through the Royal Mint, the initial sovereigns weren’t distributed for circulation until 1957 Elizabeth II Sovereigns 2nd Portrait Queen Elizabeth II Second Portrait or Decimal Portrait gold sovereign coins were first released in 1974 and were distributed until 1984. Elizabeth II Sovereigns 3rd Portrait The Third Maklouf Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II appears on gold sovereigns which were released each year through 1985 to 1997, except for the 500th anniversary of the coins in 1989, which produced a special one-year edition. Only proof sovereigns were ever struck with this portrait. Elizabeth II Sovereigns 4th Portrait Presently being used, the Fourth Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II or Large Head as it is sometimes called was first struck in 1998.On February 6 1952 the English Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II started her reign as Queen of the United Kingdom as well as Head of the Commonwealth. English Sovereigns started using the title of Majesty around the time of Henry VIII reign. Currently our sovereign Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for fifty nine years and she’s going to celebrate her Diamond 60th Jubilee in 2012, which includes the official Jubilee weekend on 2nd to the 5th June. She’s head of the British Royal Family, has four children, eight grand children as well as one great grandchild, and is eighty five years old. Her first great grandchild was given birth to on twenty nine December 2010. She’s the 32nd great granddaughter of King Alfred the Great who had been the initial effective King of England 871-899. Upon 21st December 2007 she grew to become the oldest reigning British monarch having outlived her great great grandmother Queen Victoria who passed away 22nd January 1901 aged eighty one years. Upon the12th May 2011 Queen Elizabeth II has become the second longest reigning sovereign within more than twelve hundred years of British Historical past. She’ll need to rule until 10th September 2015 when she’s going to be 89 years of age to reign for a longer time than her great great grandmother Queen Victoria whom reigned for 63 years. Her oldest son Prince Charles was 62 years old on Fourteenth November 2010 is now the second oldest ever heir apparent. The sovereigns partner Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, will be 89 years and can celebrate his 90th special birthday on 10th June 2011. He had become the lengthiest serving Royal Consort on 17th April 2009 improving on Queen Charlotte, partner of George III, who had been consort for 57 years. On 29th April 2011 the Queen’s grandson Prince William, who is Second in line to the throne, wedded Catherine Kate Middleton within Westminster Abbey. They’re today the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The sovereign Elizabeth II is actually Queen of the United Kingdom, Great Britain as well as Northern Ireland, in addition to been Head of the Commonwealth of Nations. Queen Elizabeth is sovereign to fifteen Commonwealth Realms in addition to the United Kingdom. These include: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Papua New Guinea, St Christopher and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Tuvalu, Barbados, Grenada, Solomon Islands, St Lucia and The Bahamas.