Edward VII Full Sovereigns

King Edward VII the son of Queen Victoria lived from 09.11.1841 until
06.05.1910 when he died from a heart attack. He took a great interest in foreign
policy and traveled a great deal to help and promote better international

Edward VII gold sovereigns coins were made between 1902-1910. All King Edward
VII sovereigns depicted the same portrait with the initials “De S”
in very small text just bellow the neck. Theses stand for George William De
Saulles who designed the portrait showing King Edward without his crown. BRITT
OMN is also included in the title to summarize the now growing British Empire.
On the reverse side the standard scene is of St George slaying the dragon on
both the full and half sovereigns.

A very desirable Sovereign coin which will add weight to any collection. Due
to the age of this full sovereign make sure you take particular notice of
the conduction of the coin. If you are new to buying gold sovereigns make sure
you buy from a trusted seller that has graded the coins correctly as this can
greatly influence the price.

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