2012 Sovereigns Jubilee

The Diamond Jubilee 2012 gold sovereign reverse has been designed by Paul
Day, a British sculptor presently residing in France. The 2012 sovereign is
actually Paul’s first design with the Royal Mint. The design and style has
been selected from a group of several designers whom presented for the Royal
Mint Advisory Committee due to a design competition which included five

It seems particularly appropriate that Paul Day has being selected to design
the 2012 gold sovereign since within some of his many inspired works he was the
designer of the Battle of Britain Memorial in London. A bronze monument for the
accomplishments of the RAF Fighter Command and also the men and women of Greater
London throughout World War II. It is upon Victoria Embankment in London
overlooking the River Thames in central London, It was Launched in September
2005 which is the 65th anniversary of the Battle by HRH Prince Charles and had
been commissioned by the Battle of Britain Historical Society and financed by
way of public subscription. Both friezes having a plaque inscribed with all the
names of the 2.936 pilots as well as ground crew coming from Great Britain and
fourteen additional nations

The 2012 Diamond Jubilee gold sovereign is a great chance to acquire a piece
of Gold history. The new design which is a modern reworking of the George and
Dragon theme will not be to everyone’s taste, however we believe it is stunning.
More essential however is that the 2012 sovereigns will be available for one
year only. This makes them a must have sovereign coin for the collector and a
great opportunity for a gold investor wishing to purchase multiples of this

Let me explain the reason why this is unquestionably an even better gold
investment than normal. The previous gold sovereign to be issued for one year
only, was the Timothy Noad award winning 2005 sovereign designed with the St
George & Dragon reverse. The bullion version of this coin is already
becoming very scarce and prices can be nearly 50% more than the normal yearly
issue sovereigns.

Going back a little further to 1989 we had the one year only 500th
Anniversary gold sovereign designed by Bernard Sindali with the shield of the
Royal Arms ensigned by an open Royal Crown. Today in proof condition these are
selling for well over £1000 UK Sterling.

These one year only designs genuinely capture the collectors imagination and
the prices take off. Therefore, purchase at least one of the new 2012 sovereigns
and keep hold of it. Preferably buy several. Although the 2012 sovereign coin
that in all likelihood will skyrocket in price will be the proof version, in its
original package along with associated documents. That is certainly a keeper.