2011 Gold Sovereigns

2011 Gold sovereigns much like previous releases are frequently brought as
gifts to celebrate a particular event or special occasion and are generally
regarded as been a distinctively patriotic item. Sovereign coins are a
significant symbol of the United Kingdom and of the British Empire representing
the wealth and prosperity of our great nation. Beautiful yet timeless providing
a very desirable investment in precious metals. The consistency of the gold
sovereign level of quality has continued through the years making it one of the
finest gold coins worldwide and this is no different today with this years 2011
Gold Sovereigns.

The 2011 Gold Sovereign features the now well established
St George and the Dragon design reverse and the forth and current
portrait of Her Majesty the Queen by Ian Rank Broadley FRBS on the
obverse, Queen Elizabeth II QE2. Available in all the usual sizes.

Try and find sovereigns boxed and with a certificate of authenticity. Also look out for coins in Royal Mint plastic sealed pill pockets or packets as this helps keep them in excellent condition.

Using online auction websites can be a excellent method to buy 2011
sovereigns and gold bullion. As well as been able to discover excellent deals on
both full and half sovereign coins, online auctions websites like eBay have many
hundreds of bullion coins and gold bars for sale. This gives an investor or
enthusiast the ability to hand pick and buy just one or two gold sovereigns at a
time, this can’t always be done with the larger internet coin dealers.The Royal
Mint believe that more than a billion gold sovereigns could have been struck
through the years yet only about one percent of all the sovereigns minted remain
in a collectible state today. Virtually all sovereigns shipped to the United
States ended up been melted into gold bars as a result of Federal Law.