Buy Gold Sovereigns

When you buy gold sovereign coins you’re getting a real tangible item
that will always have a permanent value attached to it. Compare this to
speculation values of shares and paper investments and you can see why they are
becoming increasingly popular with risk conscious investors looking to safeguard
their capital. Sovereigns can offer security in two ways. They will increase in
value as bullion and precious metals increase. they also appeal to the collector
due to their historical significance value.

British gold sovereigns are legal
tender and have a legal tender face value
meaning they are not subject VAT or capital gains tax. A very important fact
when looking at it from an investment point of view.

Who Should Buy Sovereigns?

Who should buy them and what percentage should you buy? Not everybody is
in the financial place to buy coins. If you don’t have any spare cash to invest
then gold is probably not for you. If you have some surplus money that is not
tired in with anything, or if you are retired and you have wealth that you want
to protect in the current market then you should consider buying some gold

The Gold Sovereigns listed at our site are constantly being updated with
the latest coins for sale directly from the leading auction website ebay. Buying
coins at auction will give you a good idea of how the market is moving and what
price coins are trading at in the private sector. You will also be able to
see what sort of mark-up dealers are adding to the coins they are selling. Gold
coins will almost always hold their value and so as a short or long term
investment and against inflation there is no better bet.