1oz Gold Maple Leaf

The 1oz Gold Maple Leaf is a very sort after bullion coin all over the world.
First introduced in 1979 at a time when the South African Krugerrand was the
only other 1oz bullion coin available. Made of very fine gold .9999 which is all
mined from Canadian gold mines.

The design of the 1oz gold maple has remained the same since the first year
of issue. Featuring the Canadian maple leaf on one side and the portrait of
Queen Elizabeth II on the other side.

The purity of the 1oz gold maple is what makes it stand out from other
bullion coins which are on the whole made from standard 24 karat gold. This is
achieved by the lack of any alloys been added to the maple which are normally
added to a coin such as sovereigns to give them the strength and durability
needed to survive in circulation. The plus side to this is it makes the maple a
very popular in the far East and India who particularly value this fine gold
bullion. The smaller sizes are also very fashionable for making jewellery as the
fineness of the gold has a good colour and makes them easy to work.

The consequence of having such a fine coin means extra care is needed when
been in possession of or handling gold maples. Primarily designed as a means to
own physical gold as an investment. 1oz gold maples were never made to be
circulated or handled. Maples will mark very easily if not properly stored,
handled and cared for.

1989 is the only year a proof gold maple set was produced to mark the 10th
Anniversary of the gold maple. With a low mintage of 6817 and packaged in a
maple wood wooden box these proof coins are very collectable.

There are five different sizes of gold maple leaf coins in circulation. The
1oz gold maple which has a face value of $50, the 1/2oz maple which has a face
value of $20, the 1/4oz gold maple which has a face value of $10, the 1/10oz
gold maple which has a face value of $5 and finally the 1/20oz gold maple coin
which has a face value of just $1.

Gold Maple Dimensions are One Hundred Dollars: diameter 30mm, Twenty Dollars:
diameter 25.00 mm, Ten Dollars: diameter 20mm and the Five Dollar gold maple has
a diameter of 16mm.