1oz American Gold Eagle

American 1oz Gold Eagle coins were introduced in 1986 after the gold bullion
coin act of 1985 was lifted. This act of congress was put in place in 1933
banning American citizens from owning gold. Since then the 1oz Gold Eagle has
become a very popular gold bullion coin not only with patriotic American
citizens but also worldwide.

Gold eagles are made of 22 karat gold which has a purity of 91.7% This is the
traditional standard for bullion coins as it makes for hard wearing coins that
will resist scuffs and scratches, unlike the 1oz gold maple leaf which are made of .9999 gold that can mark very easily.

There are four different sizes of American Gold Eagle coins in circulation.
The 1oz gold eagle which has a face value of $50, the 1/2oz eagle which has a
face value of $25, the 1/4oz gold eagle which has a face value of $10, and
finally the 1/10oz gold eagle which has a face value of just $5. Been available
in four denominations has made owning physical gold an option for people that
cant quite extend to buying a full 1oz bullion coin.

American Gold Eagle coin dimensions are fifty dollars: diameter 32.7mm,
Twenty five dollars: diameter 27.00 mm, ten dollars: diameter 22mm and the five
dollar gold eagle has a diameter of 16.5mm.