1oz Gold bullion Coins

When you take a look at the price of 1oz gold bullion coins today and see
that they are ten times more expensive than they were say thirty years ago, it
is hard not to come to the conclusion that they are now over priced or have
reached their peak. However this method of measuring gold’s true price is
floored due to the fact that our Pound Sterling or the American Dollar can’t buy
what it could thirty years ago due to inflation.

In reality the true value of 1oz gold bullion coins is far cheaper than it
has been in decades and if anything is under valued compared to paper money like
the Pound or Dollar. Although there has been some talk of a globe recovery of
late, investors are still turning to gold as a safe haven against further
inflation and the prediction that gold bullion coins are set to soar in price
higher than we have even seen before.

A look back at history clearly shows that from very early on gold bullion has
always been of enormous importance. It has always been the safest way to
maintain wealth and protect capital against inflation. 1oz bullion coins may not
be as steeped in history as Sovereign coins but this doesn’t make them any less
desirable to the collector or investor as a medium to long term nest egg.



1oz Gold Maple Leaf Bullion Coin



1oz American Gold Eagle Bullion Coin