1oz Silver Britannia Coins

The 1oz Britannia Silver Coins were first introduced in 1997 when a silver
proof set was minted. They are made from one ounce of Britannia Silver which has
a millesimal fineness of 958/100 (95.8%) with the remaining been made from
copper. Just like the gold coins the Silver version also bears the impression of
Britannia and has become known as the British Silver Britannia.

There are four different sizes of Silver Britannia’s to collect. The 1 ounce
coin which has a face value of £2, the 1/2 ounce which has a face value of £1,
the 1/4 ounce which has a face value of 50p and finally the 1/10 ounce coin
which has a face value of 20p. Silver Britannia Dimensions are Two Pounds:
diameter 40 mm, One Pound diameter 27.00 mm, Fifty Pence diameter 22.00 mm and
the Twenty Pence diameter 16.50 mm. The smaller coins are normally only
available to buy in Proof box sets.

Released every year, since 1999 the Silver Britannia’s have followed a
pattern were the even year dates depict the standard Britannia standing figure
and the odd year dates depict a series of alternative illustrations of Britannia
which will only be used once. Over the years there have also been several
changes made to the pattern and appearance of the coins making them much more
appealing to the collectors as well as investors.