1oz Gold Britannia Coins

The 1oz Gold Britannia Coins were first introduced in 1987 as a way for
investors to buy one ounce of 22 carat gold at a very low premium over the gold
spot price. Compared to the gold content of a Sovereign Coin which is 0.2354
troy ounces you will be purchasing a large amount of fine gold in one coin. This
will of course be reflected in the price which is typically 3% over the spot
price of gold. Investors can expect to pay a higher premium for the smaller Gold
Britannias which can very anywhere between 5-10% for single coins.

There are four different sizes of Gold Britannia’s to collect. The 1 ounce
coin which has a face value of £100, the 1/2 ounce which has a face value of £50,
the 1/4 ounce which has a face value of £25 and finally the 1/10 ounce coin
which has a face value of £10. Gold Britannia Dimensions are One Hundred
Pounds: diameter 32.69 mm, Fifty Pounds diameter 27.00 mm, Twenty Five Pounds
diameter 22.00 mm and the Ten Pounds diameter 16.50 mm.

Britannia’s are produced in both proof and bullion
finishes with the smaller sizes typically been sold in sets. Box sets
which include both Sovereigns and Britannia’s are also very popular. The
smaller sizes and box sets will appeal more to the collector than the
gold investor,  Britannia’s have limited mintage however and rare
coins will always increase in value over time.
Britannia And Sovereign Coin Box Set