Britannia Bullion Coins

Britannia Bullion Coins were brought about due many to the large success of
the South African Krugerrand 1oz one ounce bullion coin which was first
Introduced in 1967, Britain decided to started producing it’s own range. The
British version was first minted in 1987 and as they bear the impression of
Britannia this is what they become known as. The 1oz Britannia Gold Coin has a
face value of £100 and contains one troy ounce of fine gold. Because they are
made of 22 carat gold, they weight 24/22 of an ounce. On the 10th anniversary of
the gold Britannia’s a new design was struck, also due to the continued success
of the gold coin the new Silver Britannia Coins were introduced.

1oz Brittannia Gold Bullion Coin


1oz Brittannia Silver Bullion Coin


There is a wide selection of 1oz one ounce bullion coins available today due
to many countries now producing them, all of which carry a very low premium over
the spot price of gold. It is down to personal choice as to which one you choice
to buy. However we believe that as well as Gold Sovereigns, the British
Britannia Coin has to also be considered as one of the best options available
due to its wonderful design and beauty. There are four different sizes of Gold
Britannia coins
to collect as well as four different sizes of Silver Britannia Coins.