Spink Coins of England

Spinks Coins of England & the United Kingdom is a first rate reference
book for gold sovereign collectors and investors in English gold coins. With
excellent information and good illustrations, the reference system is
straightforward to use. The prices of precious metals and gold sovereigns have
been rising quickly in the past few years, hence some of the suggested prices
and values are already a little on the low side even in the 2011 edition. We
didn’t find this to be a real problem as the book is still a excellent guide to
the difference in prices between the coin grades.

 Spink – Coins of England & the United Kingdom

A new edition will typically be prices at around the £25 mark. However older
editions can easily be brought second hand on eBay and will still be a very
useful reference book to keep by your side. In all honesty there is very little
difference between them except for the coin valuations and the latest coins to
be minted. It is probably better to buy a 2007 edition or later as this is when
they first published them with high resolution colour pictures.

In summary, The Spink Coins of England is still the coin collectors bible and
a reference book that no one with an interest in gold sovereigns should be