Rich Dad’s Advisors Guide

Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver –
Protect Your Financial Future

Buying gold Sovereigns as part of a gold investment seems daunting,
especially to the novice investor. Helping to make the whole process
easier to understand is The Advanced Guide to Investing in Gold and
Silver, Protecting Your Financial Future, part of Robert Kiyosaki’s
“Rich Dad’s Advisors” series of books. It is written by Mike
Maloney, a precious metals investor and advisor who is widely regarded
as an expert on economic cycles. Mr. Maloney has spent the last ten
years educating the public both on economic history and helping them
achieve basic financial literacy. Mr. Maloney gives his readers
fundamental advice on how to avoid the middleman and make their
investments directly.

Before he lays out the basic how-to of when, where and how to invest your
money, regardless of the state of the economy, Mr. Maloney gives us an economic
history lesson. He illustrates the role of economic cycles in making precious
metals, and in particular gold and silver, the ultimate monetary standard. The
history and role of the Federal Reserve in our economy is explored. The book
looks at the impact taking our currency off the gold standard had, making the US
dollar a fiat currency. The dollar, while the legal tender of the government, no
longer had any intrinsic value. As fiat money is based on the authority of the
issuer, and not any reserves, this allows the Federal Reserve to print money in
unlimited amounts. It is a sobering thought that every single fiat currency that
has ever existed has ultimately failed! When the fiat currency loses value
people always end up returning to precious metals, in a predictable cycle. By
understanding the correct way to invest in each phase of a cycle, an investor
can build true, lasting wealth. This book shows how gold and silver are some of
the most profitable, easiest, and safest investments you can make.

  Gold and silver, in contrast to fiat currency, have intrinsic value
yet their value fluctuates depending on the actions of the Federal
Reserve. As Mr. Maloney explains, when the Federal Reserve prints more
dollars, the cost to purchase gold as rises as well. There also is a
helpful explanation on the differences between gold and silver as
investments. With its intrinsic value, silver is a safe investment too,
but the price of silver is more volatile than gold. This volatility,
however, gives silver the potential to be even more profitable than gold
but does add more risk.

There are many reasons to invest in gold sovereigns and silver bullion and
Mr. Maloney provides us with the advantages. With their intrinsic value, the
purchasing power of gold and silver will never fall to zero. Both do well in
inflation or deflation. Unlike other investments, gold and silver transactions
are completely private and independent. There is no need for third party
involvement such as a bank payout, title transfer or expert appraisal. Gold
sovereigns and silver are therefore completely owned, and controlled, by the

Based on his theory of economic cycles, Mr. Maloney makes a convincing case
that the United States Dollar will, in the not too distant future, begin a
precipitous decline. This decline will prompt many thousands of people to begin
buying gold and silver as a way to protect their wealth, driving the price of
gold, silver and other precious metals up. To capitalize on this future, this
book shows that the time to buy gold sovereigns and silver is now and will help
you do it.

This book is aimed more at the American investor, however gold sovereigns and
silver bullion have a global market so this doesn’t really matter, as long as
you take into account, when he talks about the economy he will be talking about
the Fed etc. It is also true that whatever happens to the American dollar
directly effects the world gold price.